• Reduced Joint Pain
  • Performance
  • Skin Rejuvination
  • Pain Management
  • Decreased Muscle Soreness
  • Decreased Fatigue

Cryo New Jersey offers a cutting-edge, effective and completely natural approach to health and wellness through Cryotherapy.

Exposing the body to dry, cold air activates temperature sensors in the skin that send a warning signal the brain. In an innate response, the brain attempts to protect the body by directing blood flow inward from the extremities toward vital organs in the body’s core, picking up oxygen along the way.

After a short 2.5 -3 minute treatment, the return to a warm environment sends blood enriched with oxygen, enzymes, hormones and proteins throughout the entire body, triggering a cascade of endorphin releasing, inflammation fighting events.

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Athletic Performance & Recovery


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Health and Wellness


Decrease fatigue, improve skin, reduce cellulite and lose weight with Cryotherapy. Read More

Pain Management


Reduction in pain & inflammation, assists with Arthritis treatment and quicker surgical recovery.  Read More